We want to make it perfectly clear that we do not
need a thing.  We want as many of our friends
and family to join in the celebration of our
marriage as possible.  
Show up, have fun, enjoy- No gift, other than the
gift of your presence is expected or wanted.
We know that we have friends and family members who are as hard headed as we
are and are saying " I cannot possibly go to a wedding and not take a gift-- what
would they think???"  Well, we would think you were wonderful for coming to our
wedding, but, we want you to be comfortable and have a good time... So, we are
appeasing you and are asking that you choose one of the following options if you
must give a gift.

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(and our favorite)

If you must give a gift we would like for you to  make
a donation to the charity of your choice.  We are
always supporting charitable giving and would be
honored to have you celebrate our marriage in this
Really-- give to whatever charity you want. Give
however much you feel comfortable giving.
give to
your favorite charity- there are lots of good
causes out there needing money to continue doing
good deeds.  

Option Number Two:

For those of you who feel a need
to give a gift we will have forever
and ever and ever-  please go to
the Chile Shoppe web site.  The
registry is listed as Kimberly and
Rod  (First Name) and
Kreiensieck Sewell (last name)
We really like the Petroglyph
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Shops Web Site
Option Number Three.....
We are starting to collect Tipperary Crystal. Rod discovered the
Louise Kennedy Collection when he was in Ireland and we are big
fans of the Earthstar and Tristar Collections.  While we are not
registered there, any item from either of those collections add
nicely to our collection.
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