Reception Details

OK ALL-  Get ready to


Rod and I are taking dance lessons and are
learning how to shake a leg out on the dance
floor.  My Theory is, if we can do it, so can you!  
We fully expect that everyone (Yes Dad and Bill,
this means YOU!)  will be out on the dance floor
with us.  Don't make Rod and I come out and
drag you out- remember it's our wedding day
and  that means you should indulge us.

That being said, we are planning a highly
eclectic night of music and dance styles.  You will
have no excuses!  Please email either Kim or
Rod what you want to dance to- be it your
wedding song, your favorite song, your favorite
dance song,  the song that you think is annoying
but will dance to regardless, the song that makes
you think of high school or college, or the one
song that you just can't help but dance to.

Email Kim By clicking on this link:
 Kim's Email  
Email Rod by clicking on this link:  Rod's Email

The Feast

What is a wedding without a feast?

We are planning an amazing
New Mexican Buffet-
Lots of Great food- Enchiladas anyone?
How about some of Rod's Favorite-
Green Chile?  I am looking forward to
the Carne Asada!  YUMMY!

Bring your appetite and remember to
take your antacids.

There will be lots of liquid refreshment as
well- We will have Sangria, Margarita's,
Beer of the Mexican Variety, Iced Tea
and Lemonade. There will also be a
lovely cocktail hour and of course the
Champagne toast. If you are desiring
something more, the hotel has a great
bar down the hall from the ball room.
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A Special Word about Toasts and
Please note:  We want to hear your well
wishes, we want to hear your memories of
us from way back when, we are honored
that you want to speak at our wedding.  
We also want to make sure everyone who
wants to make us laugh, cry, or blush gets a
chance to do so.   Please let us know before
hand if you want to toast us, so we can let
the M.C.  plan for you. Again- email Kim or
Rod if you want to speak. We'd be most
appreciative if you let us know a week
before the wedding.

The Site
We will be having the Reception at
The Lodge at Santa Fe
750 North Saint Francis Drive
Santa Fe
This is also where we recommend you stay!
It is beautiful and scenic and we are all sure
you will have a great time.

Link to the Reception Site

There is Minimal Parking at the Loretto Chapel.  We will have
Shuttles to take you from the Lodge to the Chapel for the
Ceremony and back. Please park at the Lodge and take our Shuttle
to and From the Ceremony