In July 2006 and 2007 We ventured to Pearlington, Mississippi  with a group from
Old Pine Presbyterian  in order to help with Hurricane Relief along the Gulf
Coast.  We stayed at the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance camp.
We met people who changed our lives and humbled us.
God is Good and Alive in Mississippi.
We are committed to being in Pearlington with the Old Pine group for at least the
next 5 years.  
Rod's Work:  Rod organized work
crews to help frame, dry wall and finish
Kim's Work:

I worked on keeping the camp clean and
the workers fed.  It was quite a challenge
to walk into a camp kitchen, not knowing
what was there and how I was going to
keep 30 plus campers fed and happy.  
Luckily, I was able to keep everyone

While I was there, I was struck by how the
people of Pearlington could change my
life.  Their graciousness, kindness and
laughter will  stay with me forever.
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To Donate, please make checks
payable to Old Pine Presbyterian
Church, Pearlington  Relief; 412 Pine
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