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Important Note:

Hi All-  Thanks for coming to our
Site-  Kim has a working phone
now and her number is the same as
it was before she lost it. Thank you
for understanding.

Also Note- Yes we got snow in
Philly-  Rod had to go to work and
Kim got a Snow Day--  Yippee!!
8 Dec 05

I have my phone!! Also. I am home
having a snow day and Rod is at work
today- Poor Guy!

We are getting response Cards back
from the invites -  Thanks So much!

Please keep Checking back for More

6 November 2005

Well, we are humming along.  I have
had my first dress fitting-  Wow!  I
thank Enid and Stephanie for going
with me to the Dress shop.  I will
forever remember Walking out and
seeing them with various dresses
hanging off of their shoulders, doing
the Vogue.  They made me laugh- a lot.

Rod has tried on his kilt and all I can
say is WOW!!!  He looks amazingly
handsome and oh so studly.  It is so
nice to be marrying a hunk!

For those of you who were wondering--
Rod is a member of the Crawford Clan
and his Tartan is the Crawford Modern
Tartan, a beautiful burgundy, hunter
and white tartan. It is also the
background of this and other pages.
30 Nov 05-
Yes, I know, loosing my phone the day
after we send out 100 plus invites is
not the smartest thing ever, but if it is
the only thing that goes weird in the
next 3 Months- Yeah!!!
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