Fun Things You Need To Know
For The Wedding

Getting to The

Please, park at The Lodge of
Santa Fe and board the bus that will
take you to the Chapel. The bus will
leave at 5:00 On the Dot, so please
be in the Lobby by 4:50 PM to board
the bus.  Yes, it will take you back to
The Lodge after the ceremony.  
What To Wear

The Question we have heard a
few times is
"What Should I wear"
The answer I have come up
with is
"Show up, don't be naked."
but seriously
To Clarify-
We want you  be to be
comfortable. Rod has said to
wear what you would wear to
church.  I say, wear what you
would like.

The theme of the wedding is
South West and Scottish(Yes it
is unusual, but we are an
unusual couple.)  Rod will be
wearing a Kilt-- that's right, a
kilt with a Prince Charlie
Jacket,Black Tie, the whole
formal Kilt get up.  If you have a
kilt, wear it.

I may be wearing Cowboy
boots, so wear them if you
would like.

We are giving a prize to those
that show up in a kilt and
cowboy boots- They must be
worn together, by the same

The wedding starts at 5:30- so it
is almost an evening wedding,
so you can wear black tie, if you
want.  It is also in Santa Fe, so
you can wear Jeans and
cowboy boots if you want.  
Wear a suit if you want, wear a
dress if you want. Break out
your Native American or
Western Wear.  Wear your Clan
Tartan if you want.
Be comfortable. Be you.

Wear what you would wear to

Or Dressier, or Not.   

Really- Show up, don't be

The Rehearsal
Dinner-- Sort Of

In the vein that this is going to be an
unusually fun and exceptionally
Unique Wedding, our Rehearsal
Dinner is not really a dinner, however
it will be following the rehearsal.

We are going to be participating in
the Arts Eats Tour. This is an annual
event where the best galleries in
Santa Fe couple with the best
Restaurants  in Santa Fe in a fabulous
event that benefits Fine Arts in
Santa Fe Public Schools.   This is a
great cause and a lot of fun.  Good
Art and Good Food.  Sign Me Up!

This is the reason Rod and I are
getting Married in Santa Fe on the
last weekend in February  Rod and I
have gone on the tour the last
couple of years and believe in its

Please note that there is a  fee for the
tour-  $30.00 a person.  The tickets
can be obtained by clicking on the
link below after January 1, 2006.

Click on the link below, then on the
Feb 24, 2006 Arts Eats Link and finally
on the "Buy Tickets"  link.

We will all be meeting at 5:30 PM
outside of the Frank Howell Gallery,
103 Washington Ave (South East
Corner of the Plaza) for a
Champagne Toast and Kick Off.  
Please let Kim or Rod Know prior to
Wednesday 23 Feb 06, so we will
have enough champagne and
sparkling Cider to go around.

The link for the arts tour is:
Arts Tour
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