We will be Getting Married
Saturday February 25, 2006
5:30 PM

The Loretto Chapel
207 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico
We will be having a traditional Lutheran

Yes, this means Lessons, Communion,
Homily, some singing of hymns and of
course, the exchange of marriage vows.

Rod and I believe that we draw
tremendous strength from our Faith and
firmly believe that there is no better way
to start our married life.

My Father will be conducting the service,  
and various members of both of our
families will be participating in the service.  
 This should be a moving service.  
Loretto Chapel's Site

We will be getting married
at the Historic Loretto
Chapel in
Santa Fe.

This is the Chapel that is
home to the
Miraculous Staircase,
or the
St. Joseph Staircase.

It is an amazingly beautiful
chapel.  When Rod and I
first went to the Chapel we  
both said "What a cool
place for a wedding."  When
Rod proposed, after I said
Yes, which was after I said
no,  I asked him when and
where he said "The Loretto
Chapel. The last weekend in

We both hope that you
enjoy the beauty of the
Chapel.  To learn more,
please click on the site
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There is Minimal Parking at the Loretto Chapel.  
We will have Shuttles to take you from the Lodge  
 to the Chapel for the Ceremony and back.
Please park at the Lodge and take our Shuttle to
and From the Ceremony
. The Shuttle will be
leaving The Lodge Of Santa Fe at 5:00 PM-
Please be in the Lobby at 4:50 PM to head down
to the Wedding.

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